Roofing For Classic-Style Homes

26 November 2014
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Remodeling an older home comes with special considerations. You want to maintain the charm of your older home's style while still availing yourself to modern amenities. When getting ready for a remodel, pay special attention to the roof, which comprises a large percentage of your home's exterior.

Roofing Material

Asphalt is the most common material for roofing, according to Home and Garden TV. However, it is far from your only option:

  • Metal: Coming in either panels or shingles, metal roofs are often used in bungalows, cabins and cottages. Metal roofing is durable.
  • Tiles: Tiling, which is typical for Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes, comes in either concrete or clay. Very attractive, tiles do typically require special framing.
  • Slate: Typical with French chateau and Colonial homes, slate tiling is durable but heavy. Slate comes in shades ranging from black to green to purple.
  • Wood: Wooden shingles and shakers offer a rustic appeal, but are not as durable as other materials. Cape Cods and Tudors typically feature wood roofing.

Asphalt's popularity stems from the variety of colors and styles and budget-friendly nature of the material.

Colonial Style

Colonial homes are very popular in the United States. Usually two or three stories with brick or wood facades. For these homes, wooden shakers are very attractive. Wooden shakers are split rather than hewn, so they offer a more rustic appeal. Slate is also a choice material.

Georgian Style

Georgian homes typically offer squared symmetry with flattened columns, paired chimneys and a medium pitch to the roof. Wooden shingles are very common with this style of architecture. Wood weathers beautifully, which adds to the home's appeal. Thick, wooden shingles also cast small slivers of shadows, adding texture to the symmetrical look of Georgian homes.

Federal Style

Federal style homes are very similar to Georgian except they are generally taller and narrower. They also offer a mansard roof, which is flat on the top with a very steep pitch on the sides. Mansard roofs look beautiful with scalloped shingles. Because of the steep slope, asphalt is typically advised as the roofing material.

Tudor Style

Tudor architecture is characterized by steep gable roofs, chimneys and window groupings. While wood is common for roofing Tudor style homes, slate and asphalt are also attractive options. Slate tiles, with their variegated colors, become the instant focal point. Asphalt is so widely customizable it allows you to either highlight the roof or shift the focus to other aspects of the architecture.

Victorian Style

If there's a style more popular than Colonial, it's Victorian. Roofs are often steeply pitched, sometimes even mansard in style. Patterned shingles are common for this style of home because they add to the detailed façade. Victorian homes were initially roofed with slate shingles, though many have been re-done with asphalt or composite roofing.

You chose your classic-style home because of its antique charm. Enhance this appeal with a roof that complements your home's design. Talk to your local roofing contractors about the material and style that is right for your older home.