How To Get 80 Years Out Of Your Metal Roof

15 June 2015
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The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors says you could get from 40 to 80 years of life from your new metal roof. The number of years you'll actually get depends on the weather in your area and some regular maintenance on your part. Working on a metal roof is dangerous and you should have one of the local roofing contractors inspect and repair any problems they find with your roof every year. There are a few maintenance tasks that you can do to keep your roof in good shape from a ladder against the house so you don't have to get up on the roof.

1. Keep Debris Off of the Roof

During a storm, tree branches, sticks, leaves and other debris can collect on your metal roof. This allows water to pool on the roof resulting in rust spots. Besides rust stains on the roof, if the water sits over a nail hole, the rust around the nail can let water under the roof. You'll end up with an expensive wood rot repair under the metal sheeting. After every storm, check the roof for debris. Sweep or hose any debris off of the roof.

2. Tighten or Replace Screws

If you see any screws sticking up out of the roof, tighten them back down if you can reach them safely. Replace any missing screws, too. Water will get in under the metal sheets through these screw holes causing wood rot. When replacing screws, use the same material as the roof. If you have a stainless steel roof, only use stainless steel screws. Mixing metals causes a chemical reaction that creates corrosion on the roof.

3. Touch Up Any Paint Scratches

If the paint on the metal roof has been scratched to expose the bare metal, rust can start there. The rust will work its way under the paint causing it to flake off. Keep a supply of the original paint used on the roof and touch up these scratches as soon as you see them.

4. Maintain the Waterproof Sealant

A waterproof sealer is used on the edges and at the seams of your roof. Watch for any dry, cracked or missing sealer and replace it as soon as you see the problem. Water will get under the metal roof wherever the sealer has failed.

5. Keep Your Gutters Flowing

Don't let your gutters and downspouts become clogged so that water can lap up against the edges of your roof. Clean out the gutters regularly to keep the water moving. Don't let parts of an aluminum or galvanized metal gutter touch the roof or you'll have a corrosion problem.

The main problems you'll deal with on your metal roof are rust spots and places where water can get under the sheeting. Keep your eyes on your roof, watch for problems, and get them fixed as soon as you can by yourself or a professional roofer.

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