Three Advantages To Having Your Roof Replaced

12 January 2016
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When the roof on your home loses a shingle during a windstorm, it often makes sense to to fasten a new shingle in its place, especially if the roof is new and otherwise healthy. There comes a point, however, that it's advantageous to think about replacing the roof entirely rather than making frequent repairs—much in the same manner that you might not want to sink a significant amount of money into a vehicle that is old and operates poorly. If you're thinking about having your roof replaced, talking to a few reputable roofing contractors to get some quotes is your next order of business. Here are three benefits of going the replacement route.

An Increase In Your Home's Value

Frequent roof repairs might keep the roof's integrity intact, but these jobs won't help the value of your home. If you're thinking about selling your home in the future, prospective buyers will note the age of your roof and consider it to be a detriment. Replacing the roof, meanwhile, can cause a considerable spike in the overall value of your home, which is ideal regardless of whether you plan to sell it or stay in it. A new roof can provide a significant return on investment of 68 percent, on average.

Better Energy Efficiency

A roof in poor shape can harm the energy efficiency of your home. A home can lose a significant amount of heat through the roof, and a failing roof can often allow heat loss and even cool your home by allowing the outdoor elements into the attic. Replacing the roof gives you a solid layer to increase your home's energy efficiency, which is especially important if you're paying a hefty heating bill every month during the winter.

Work Covered Under Warranty

Another benefit of having your roof replaced is that the work will be covered under warranty. The nature of the warranty depends on the roofing contractor you hire—some warranties cover the roofing materials while others cover the materials and the labour. The latter warranty, especially, provides a great deal of peace of mind. Every time there's a windstorm or any type of major weather event that threatens the health of your roof, you don't need to worry about it costing you money. Many contractors (like roof repair by Marshall Roofing Ltd) extend their warranties to the lifetime of the roof, which provides peace of mind for years on end.