Warning Signs Of A Collapsing Roof

4 February 2016
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Roof damage can be irritating and expensive. However, the longer you ignore the leaky ceilings and falling shingles, the more costly the repair becomes.

Neglected roof damage will eventually lead to a collapse. Prevention and treatment are key to making sure your home stays intact. You can spot and even present a collapse by knowing what warning signs to look for.

Outside Snow

If the weatherman has announced that a blizzard is coming, your roof may be in danger. The weight of heavy snow and ice can lead to a collapse. If you are in an area where snowfall is likely, make sure to have an action plan in place for removing snow from the roof. Your roof may be in danger of imminent collapse if:

  • The roof looks lower than usual.
  • Your walls and floors suddenly begin to creak.
  • Doors and windows are having a hard time opening and closing.
  • Doors are opening by themselves.
  • Windows are starting to break. If this is the case, get out of your home immediately.

Water Stains on the Ceilings and Walls

Water spots on the ceiling mean that your roof has a leak. After a heavy downpour or unexpected ice, make sure to take a look in the attic. Be sure to check the walls and ceilings in other rooms for leaks and water stains.

Look on the Outside

Check the gutters and make sure they are not spewing out granules. Look for exterior water stains, damaged siding, and exterior paint that is peeling. These things are all signs that your roof is in distress.

Explore the Rooftop

Step outside and look at your roof. If you are not afraid to get on the roof, then grab your ladder. Inspect it closely and contact a roofing expert if you notice any of these things:

  • Shingles that are cracked or missing.
  • Dark spots on the roof.
  • The shingles are starting to curl at the ends.
  • The roof leaks when there is a change in temperature.
  • Black stains appear on the roof.

Preventing Roof Damage

Your roof will tell you when it is in distress. Preventive measures such as frequent inspections and knowing the last time it was replaced so you can replace it as needed will help you to maintain it.

A roof collapse is dangerous and costly. Maintaining the upkeep of your roof by following a few simple steps will prevent a catastrophe to your home and your bank account. If you need help with your roof, contact a commercial roofing business.