It's Tornado Season: Is Your Roof Ready?

19 May 2017
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Tornado season is brutal. Even if your house is not within five miles of a touchdown, the high winds can still extend to your roof and pull of shingles. If your roof is not ready to take a beating this season, you should probably hire roofers for some preventive roof repair.

Securing Loose Shingles

No one can see all the shingles on his or her roof when standing on the ground. That said, you could have lots of loose shingles on your roof and not even know it. These shingles can easily be pulled off and thrown blocks or miles away when a tornado touches down near you. It may seem futile to secure these shingles to prevent damage from a tornado, but the fact remains that secured shingles still give your roof some protection against the winds. If the winds cannot get under the roof via the loose shingles, it will not be so easily lifted off your home.

Choosing to Replace the Roof with Something Stronger

You could leave the shingles and roof you have in place and just ask the roofing contractor to install a metal roof. Metal roofs are even tougher and stronger than asphalt shingles. That means that you would reinforce your current roof by placing the metal roof over the top of it. Doubling the strength of the roof you have may then prevent it from flying away when a tornado hits your home head on.

Reinforcing the Trusses

Roof trusses are typically made of wood. On some homes, they are made of the most basic structures and lightest wood boards. That means that a tornado can barrel through such a roof, breaking the trusses as though they were toothpicks. A roofer can reinforce these trusses or replace them with structurally-engineered ones that can take a hit much better. He or she will need to get into your attic to see what kind of trusses and wood you currently have before recommending what approach to take. 

Removing Mold

Mold is definitely not your home's friend. It is worse in the roof and attic of your house because it creates points of weakness. Those points of weakness then give tornadoes the perfect opportunity to utterly destroy a roof. If you want to be sure that there is no mold and no points of weakness in your roof, ask the roofer to check the whole underside of the roof.

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