Roofing Tiles And Repairs That Need To Be Done As Part Of Regular Maintenance

13 June 2017
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Many homeowners choose tile roofs for their looks and because it is a durable roofing system. While tiles can last much longer than asphalt shingles, there are some repairs and maintenance that will need to be done to your roof over the years. Here are some of the common repairs that you may need to have done to your tile roof to ensure it is keeping your home dry for years to come:

1. Replacing the Occasional Tile That Is Cracked or Damage

Over the years, roofs will begin to show signs of wear, which is something that you will have to consider for tile roofs. As the roof ages, tiles may become cracked or damaged and need to be replaced. The task of replacing a clay tile is straight forward and simple; you slide the damaged tile out and replace it with a new one. If you have other tile materials like slate or stone, repairs can sometimes be a little more challenging and you may want to contact a professional roofing contractor to help.

2. The Empty Spaces Where Tiles Have Fallen Off the Roof

Even when your roof is relatively new, there may be some repairs that need to be done. The way many tile roofs are installed is different from common shingles. Many tile roofs are installed in a way where tiles are laid on the roof and attached using a modern foam adhesive or more traditional concrete mortar. These materials are durable, but they sometimes cause tiles to work loose. When a tile is missing from your roof, it has probably been blown off and damaged, which means you will need to install a new tile where the damage is.

3. Inspecting A Tile Roof for Storm Damage and Doing Repairs

Inspecting your roof is important to catch damage when storms have come through. You will want to look closely at roofing tiles for signs of cracks and damage, as well as missing tiles or tiles that have are out of place. Because the roofing materials can easily slide out from beneath your feet, it is important to use appropriate safety precautions and fall prevention devices if you need to get on your roof. Alternatively, you can contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof for signs of damage.

These are some of the repairs that tile roofs eventually need. Contact a roofing contractor to get help with maintenance and repairs for your tile roof to ensure it lasts for many years. You can also check out sites like for more information.