Ten Tips To Make Your Roof Look A Lot Better

29 June 2017
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Want to make your roof look a little bit better this summer? Pay attention to your home's roof and you can improve the curb appeal of your entire property!

Ten tips to make your roof look a lot better are:

1.Paint the roofing. Did you know that you can paint your home's roof? Painting shingles is smart and relatively easy, and painting metal roofing is even simpler. Talk to a contractor about how to best cover-up and protect your roof with paint.

2.Clean your gutters. Sometimes the simplest details make the biggest difference: Clean the segments of your gutter system and give them a rinse with a garden hose. Clearing and washing the troughs will give your home a crisp, polished look.

3.Add awnings. If you want to make a small investment that will pay off again and again, add colorful awnings to the eaves, windows, and doors of your home. These provide shade and protection, as well as curb energy costs by keeping the sun out during summer heat.

4.Clean the chimney. Clean up your chimney and flashing to make your roof look a little bit better. Use epoxy to fill in any cracks or crumbles around your chimney, and secure the metal flashing to ensure it is tight. Clean the chimney brick and mortar with a wire-brush and industrial detergent.

5.Use rain chains. You might hang some rain chains on the corners of your home and get rid of gutters altogether. These long chains hang and absorb the flow of water off the roof during rainy weather; the effect is quite lovely and gives the home a unique feature.

6.Install something architectural. Add an architectural element under the eaves, such as molding or an arch, that will create a visual point of interest. These can be subtle, like crown- molding around your home's windows, or more dramatic, such as a gargoyle statue affixed to your chimney or roof.

7.Buy a cupola. A cupola is easy-enough to install on the roof, and it brings a unique pitch to your existing structure.

8.Power wash the roof. It might surprise you the difference that can be made when you power wash the roof. This is suitable for any type of roof, but watch out for asphalt shingles; the force of the washer could drive away the gravel-grit that is on shingles, leaving a mess on your roof and compromising the integrity of your shingles.

9.Mount a weather vane. Mount a weather vane on the roof of your home. This will help you to tell which way the wind is blowing!

10.Install gutter-guards. If you are sticking with your conventional gutter system, buy gutter guards to keep debris out of the troughs. This will also bring an appealing detail to the looks of your home.

Talk to roofing contractors about cleaning up your roof this summer. If you have to address any damage, your contractors can handle the roof repair.