How To Prepare For The Arrival Of Roofers To Your Home

15 August 2017
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The time has finally arrived when you get the new roof installed that you have been wanting. After doing your research and finding the best residential roofing company for your needs there are a few things you can do beforehand to help prepare for the construction process. Installing a new roof is a big job and it can take several days for completion. Knowing what to expect and how to get your property ready will make it easier for the roofers to get started on their work as well as make the process a little more tolerable for you.

Provide Access

In order for the roofers to be organized and efficient, they will need easy access to all of the tools, materials, and equipment. To make access easier for the roofers, they should have access to your driveway, so it's best if you park your vehicles in a different area, such as on the street or in a neighbor's driveway. There will be a variety of equipment including pallets of shingles and boxes of nails that the roofers will need for the job, so if you can park outside of the driveway it will allow them to have the room they need as well as prevent the risk of damage to your vehicles and/or tires.

Be Prepared for Lots of Debris

While your roof is being installed, your yard may have excessive amounts of debris throughout. As roofers remove the old shingles, they often toss them to the ground and clean them up at the end of their work day. There is also a possibility of nails and other potentially dangerous items being in the yard while the roof is being installed. To avoid interfering with the process as well as avoid the risk of injury, you and your family should avoid the area of the yard where the work is being done. However, if your yard is large enough, it may be okay to use an area of the yard that is the farthest from the house.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

One of the greatest concerns for residential roofing companies that you should be aware of is that the construction site, the equipment, and the materials are extremely dangerous, so it is extremely important that you keep children and pets away from the construction area. Remind children to not play in areas where the roofers are working and/or where they are tossing debris from. Children and pets are naturally curious and often find a construction site intriguing, so it is recommended that children and pets stay inside the house for their safety.

You should be aware that there will probably be some noise from the nail guns, hammers and other equipment that the roofers will use to install the roof. The roofers will also be walking on the top of your house, so you will hear going from one area to another. If you have children who nap during the day, you should prepare for the noise by making arrangements for the children to visit family or friends during nap time.

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