Protect Your Property During a Roof Renovation

13 September 2017
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Roof replacement is a messy job, even for the best of roof installers, and you need to ensure your property remains in good shape. While the roofers will try to avoid causing damage, of course, the inherently dangerous and cluttered nature of roofing increases the chances of small accidental damage happening to your yard. In addition to preparing the inside of your home for the job -- taking down pictures and covering items to protect them from dust, for example -- take a moment to prepare the outside of your property for roof replacement.

Cover Landscaping

Any shrubs and flowers that are in the ground and not in containers, especially those running around the perimeter of your house, need to be covered. You can get cheap tarps at home improvement stores; also, the roofing company might provide some. It would be a really good idea to have the representative from the roofing company walk through the area with you before the work begins to identify what needs protection, and to find out what protection the roofers will help with.

Find Out About Lawn Access

Which areas of the lawn will the roofers need to access? If they're replacing your entire roof, there's a good chance that they'll need to walk along the side of your home, where you might not have a concrete pathway. Take pictures of the areas around your home before work begins, and discuss off-limit areas with the roofing company rep. Ensure that workers won't have to step in any vegetable or flower beds -- note that the workers will do everything they can to avoid doing this anyway, but it's best to ensure you know exactly where they'll have to walk.

Remove Furniture and Containers

Put everything loose in the garage. This gives the roofers more space for supplies and protects things like container gardens from a lot of debris and dust. If you don't have a garage, move everything far away from the perimeter of the house.

Take Down Decorations

If you have decorative lights up, a basketball hoop, or anything else that's decorative, take it down. Get it out of the way. Yes, the roofers would likely remove the items, too, but that wastes the workers' time -- take the items down before they arrive.

The roofing company representative should be able to help you inspect the property to see where roofers will need to store supplies and where the workers might have to set ladders and other equipment. Roofing companies want your yard to continue to look great after the work is done, and they'll work with you to ensure everything is protected.