FAQ About Roof Deterioration & Maintenance

5 February 2018
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Do you regularly look up at your roof to look for signs of damage when driving by your house to park in the driveway? Have you noticed that the roof seems as though it is deteriorating? Without getting the roof inspected, it can be difficult to determine if deterioration is actually taking place. For instance, it is possible that what you are seeing on the roof is simply mold or algae spores. A prompt inspection by a roofer is necessary in case your roof is in need of a little maintenance to prevent it from deteriorating. The content in this article will explain things that you should know about roof deterioration and maintenance.

Can Algae & Mold Cause a Roof to Deteriorate?

Algae and mold growth are some of the main problems that roofs sometimes develop. The reason they are such problems is because they can severely damage certain types of roofing materials. For example, asphalt shingles can experience premature deterioration due to being covered in algae spores. The deterioration is usually due to the spores removing the limestone from the shingles. Mold is harmful to many types of roofing materials because it can create holes due to corrosion.

How Can Roof Deterioration Be Prevented?

The most strategic way to prevent a roof from deteriorating is to get it inspected on a regular basis. The deterioration is usually from problems that are left unattended to for long periods of time. Inspections are helpful for preventing problems because prompt repairs or maintenance can be performed before severe damage develops. The best maintenance for a roof is to get it cleaned on occassion, such as with a pressure washer. The roof should also be inspected for missing shingles or other materials.

When Does Roof Deterioration Require Reconstruction?

After a roof begins to deteriorate, it can lead to reconstruction being needing if the deck is affected. For example, if the deck is severely damaged, it must be reconstructed so it won't cave-in. Signs of a severely damaged roof decks includes sogginess, large holes, and numerous water leaks. It is common for the ceiling in a house to droop when a roof is damaged to the extent of needing to be reconstructed. However, there might also only be signs of discoloration on the ceilings in a house, which is the result of the roof deck leaking water into your house when it rains or snows outside.

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