Why Replace a Commercial Roof?

21 March 2018
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Roofs are often ignored by the general public both in residential and commercial settings. Depending on the design of the building, roofs can be hidden from view, hard to access, and easily forgotten. When you own a business, though, the roof of the building can be incredibly important to keep in top shape. When a roof becomes damaged or begins to wear out, it's time to replace it. But replacing a roof can be inconvenient and expensive, so it's important to understand the benefits of replacing a worn or damaged roof so that the benefits can be weighed against the costs.

Prevent Damage

One of the biggest reasons is quite simple. The roof protects the building and its contents from the elements, including rain, snow, hail, extreme temperature, and wind. If the roof is leaking, equipment and supplies can easily be damaged and ruined.  Water can interact with electrical components to cause damage, fires, or hazards to human health. Even something as simple as standing water can cause slips or falls. Snow can accumulate on worn or damaged roofs and lead to roof collapse. Snow and ice can also slide off a roof in unpredictable ways, causing inconvenience or injury.  

Lower Costs

Despite the significant investment in a new roof, there are financial reasons to replace a worn roof. If the roof is no longer keeping the weather out, heating and cooling costs will skyrocket. A new roof can keep the cool or heat in, where it belongs. Further, a newer roof can provide better insulation or a more reflective coating, which can be very helpful in sunny environments.  


A new roof can include additional ventilation or skylights, which can reduce lighting costs in the daytime, and can provide a much nicer look and feel for a facility. This can also play into the other factors, increasing weather protection, or energy efficiency above what the original roof could provide, even when it was new.

A New Look

For roofs that are visible from the road, a new roof in a bright color can bring attention and eyeballs to your business. Additionally, this can help with things like directions to your business or references. It's very easy to point out that the business is the one with the orange roof, for instance. A new color can also be used to further brand your company and building if the roof is the same color as the primary color of your logo.

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