Recent Hail Storm? Why You Need a Professional Roof Inspection

16 May 2018
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Hail is one of those natural elements that can do quite a number on your property. Even if the hail isn't particularly large in size it still has the ability to inflict serious damage on your home and car. If there has recently been a hail storm in your area that you weathered out you may think all is well. However, it's important for you to have your roof inspected for many different reasons. Your roof is the uppermost part of your house and it may have been severely impacted. After a hail storm sweeps through your area find out why you should have your roof inspected by a professional contractor.

Inspecting Your Own Roof Can Be Dangerous

Although it might seem to be easy to pull out a ladder and climb up onto the roof to assess the damage the reverse is actually true. Roof inspection is dangerous work and you may not realize just how unsafe your roof has become from the ground level. It's best to let a professional roofing contractor take care of the task for you.

The tiles on your roof may have been compromised. While they might look perfectly stable from the ground level some of the tiles could have come loosened up when the hail hit them. If you walk across the roof you stand to injure yourself in a major way. 

Professional roofing contractors have the gear they need to inspect your roof in the safest manner possible. Their experience gives them a keen eye to detect weak points so they can evaluate the condition of your roof without you having to put yourself at risk to do so.

Your Home Insurance Carrier May Cover the Costs

If you're worried about the cost of having your roof inspected you can rest easy. There's a good chance that your home insurance provider will take care of the costs associated with inspecting and repairing your roof. They are very invested in making sure that your home is as sound as possible because if there is damage to your roof it could lead to residual problems that will require even more money. Your insurer may even send out the contractor if you give them a call.

Keeping a fully intact roof is just one way of many ways to protect your household. When hail pounds the landscape call up hail damage roof repair services and let them inspect your roof immediately.