4 Tips To Deal With Roof Care During Severe Winter Weather

24 September 2018
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Winter weather is going to be here the roof of your business is going to need care. After a winter storm, it is likely that your roof is going to need maintenance and maybe a few repairs. There are few things that you would want to consider when doing maintenance and repairs to your roof after a winter storm, such as safety and the type of damage that you will be looking for. Here are some tips to help you deal with emergency roof care during and after a winter storm.

1. Inspecting and Repairing Your Roof Before the Winter Weather

After severe winter weather, one of the first maintenance tasks that need to be done for your business is inspecting the roof for damage. You want to get on the roof and look for damage caused by ice and debris. Look for leaks and damage around areas that are prone to pulling of water and ice forming during winter weather. This can be around mechanical systems or roof drain grates.

2. Safety When Doing Emergency Winter Roof Repairs for Your Business

When doing repairs to the roof, you and employees need to consider safety Before getting on the roof. Make sure that you wear the appropriate clothing, safety harness and winter work boots that prevent slipping in the snow and ice on your roof. It is a good idea to invest in safety harness systems that can be used regularly for the maintenance needs of commercial roofing.

3. Watching Snowfall and Removing Excessive Loads from The Roof

High amounts of snowfall in a short period of time can cause an excessive load on commercial roofs. As the snow piles up, layers beneath melt, refreeze and turn to ice. These heavy loads can eventually cause damage to the roof structure of your business and need to be removed to ensure your business is safe from damage.

4. Dealing with Ice and Structural Damage After Severe Winter Weather

If ice has formed on the roof of your business, you want to inspect the structure for damage before getting on your roof to do maintenance period look for areas where structural components like roof trusses and beans Are sagging under the stress of the heavy loads. Use caution and do not walk over or stand beneath areas that soon to be under stress from heavy loads of ice and snow. In addition, make sure hard hats are worn when inspecting your business for structural damage. 

These are emergency roof maintenance tips to help you before, during and after a cold winter storm. If recent winter weather has caused damage to the roof of your business, contact a commercial roofing company like WNC Roofing for help with some of these repairs.