4 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Deal With Storm And Minor Wind Damage

8 October 2018
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After a storm, you are going to be concerned about any damage to your home that needs to be repaired. The roof is an area that receives a lot of abuse during a storm, and sometimes the damage can be severe. The problem is often minor damage that gets overlooked and causes serious problems long after the storm is gone. Here are some roof maintenance tips to help deal with the minor storm and wind damage that you need to repair on your roof.

1. Safely Inspecting Damage Storms Cause to Your Roof

When there is damage to your roof, you want to safely inspect the damage. First, do a visual inspection of the roof and look for obvious signs of damage before getting on top of it to take a closer look. When you get on your roof, it is important that you use the appropriate safety gear like soft-soled shoes and a safety harness. Always use appropriate safety gear when getting on a steep roof to do maintenance, inspection, or repairs.

2. Having the Materials on Hand to Do Minor Roof Repairs

Having the right materials on hand to do roof repairs will make maintenance easier. It is a good idea to keep a bundle of shingles, nails, and roofing cement handy. You also want to make sure that you have the appropriate fall protection gear like safety harnesses and the cords that are designed for use in construction.

3. Patching Holes and Tears in Roofing After A Storm Passes

One of the common repairs that need to be done after storm damage is patching minor holes in the roof. This is something that can be done with common roofing cement, which is an asphalt-based material that you can use to patch holes and repair minor tears in shingles. You can also use roofing cement to repair leaks and damage while waiting for professional help for more permanent repairs to the roof.

4. Replacing Shingles That Have Been Damaged by Wind or Are Missing

Wind damage can cause shingles to be torn or blown completely off your roof. When your roof has wind damage, it may be minor and in isolated areas. Replacing the wind damage shingles on your roof is an easy task to do. All you must do is remove the damaged shingles and slide an extra single in its place. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the extra bundle of shingles handy to complete these types of repairs. 

These are some roof maintenance to help you deal with the minor storm and wind damage. If you need help with major repairs to your roof, contact a professional roofing company like Drey Roofing to inspect the damage and get an estimate on how much repairs will cost.