4 Benefits Of Installing Skylights In Your Roof

25 October 2018
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When most people think about their roof, they will think about the shingles on top of their home. Shingles are a main part, but your roof can consist of other elements that not only protect your home but also add appeal and value to it. While surprising to learn, your contractor can install skylights into your roof. Although they are basically windows in your roof, skylights do offer many benefits for your home, health, and finances. With this guide and your contractor's help, you will learn the benefits of skylights.

Energy Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Heating, cooling, and even lighting your home will require energy. Skylights can allow daylight into your home, which is beneficial during the winter months when you are using energy to heat your home. Natural sunlight can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home.

Skylights can also help reduce solar heat gain that occurs in the summer. Make sure the skylight is installed on an area of your roof that is shaded by deciduous trees. By reducing the solar heat gain, you can reduce the time and energy spent air conditioning your home during the summer months.

Of course, this also reduces the amount of energy used when lighting your home with lamps, pendants, and other light fixtures. The more natural light coming in, the less artificial light you need to use during the day.

Conserving energy is not the only benefit of using skylights. By reducing your energy usage, you are also reducing your monthly energy bills. The exact amount of savings will depend on a few factors including your family's comfort level and lighting needs and your local climate.

Natural Light Benefits Health and Wellness

Allowing natural sunlight into your home through skylights can also benefit your physical and emotional health and wellness. Natural light improves your body's storage of vitamin D. This essential vitamin helps prevent many types of diseases, and it also promotes healthy bones.

Natural light also improves your ability to see, especially when compared to artificial light from lamps and light fixtures. Most people are also surprised to learn natural lights increases your energy and improves your productivity levels. Natural light coming into your home through skylights and windows can also help you sleep better.

Finally, natural light can improve your mood. Without ample exposure to natural light, you may experience a type of depression known as seasonal affective disorder. By increasing the amount of sunlight streaming into your home, you can prevent this disorder and give your mood a much-needed boost. All in all, exposure to the sun can make you feel happier.

Improved Privacy When Windows Don't

Contractors want you to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency and natural light no matter what. Unfortunately, allowing light in through the windows requires removing and opening up curtains and drapes. This affects how private your home is when your home is located closely to other homes and nosey neighbors.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural light without sacrificing your privacy, skylights are an option to consider. Because they are installed into your roof, neighbors and views of your neighbors will not matter.

Increased Appeal and Home Value

Lastly, installing skylights properly in your roof design can make your home more appealing and valuable. If you decide to sell your home in the future, buyers will find the benefits of energy efficiency, natural light, and improved physical and emotional wellness very appealing. Not only will they like the look of skylights, but they will also be willing to pay more for your home with these benefits.

To reap the benefits of skylights in your roof, contact roofing contractors in your area.