3 Resolutions For Your Residential Roof In The New Year

29 November 2018
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As the year comes to a close, the winter weather usually begins to worsen. If you want to make sure your roof can handle what's to come, you'll need to make sure you keep an eye on things not just during this season but all year round. Here are three New Year resolutions for your residential roof.

Make This the Year You Actually Get a Professional Inspection

For best results and longevity when it comes to your residential roof, you should really get it inspected by a residential roofing contractor. Far too many homeowners don't bother to call for help until a problem actually develops. If you wait until a leak, a loose shingle, or another problem occurs, you are likely going to end up with a repair bill that will dwarf what it would have cost if you would have just gotten the inspection in a timely fashion. Start the New Year off right by calling a local contractor and do the same thing at the start of each and every year going forward.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

If you would like to at least do some of the roofing work yourself, one of the more simple tasks you can undertake doesn't even require walking around on the roof itself. Get into the habit of grabbing a ladder (and ladder stabilizer) and clearing your gutters at least once a month or more often if you get a lot of bad weather. A clogged gutter can lead to a leak and significant drainage problems which might cause basement flooding or foundation damage. If you don't like the idea of climbing up on a ladder at all, call that residential contractor back out to lend you a hand.

Practice Proper Roof Safety

If you are feeling more adventurous and want to try and make a roof repair or two on your own, don't you dare go up there without the right safety gear. Start the New Year off with a trip to the local home improvement store for some safety goggles and make sure you have some sturdy work boots, work gloves, and anything else that can protect you while up on the roof. 

If you are going up during the middle of winter, check the weather first and avoid going up there when the roof is covered in snow and ice or there is more on the way. 

Contact a local roofing contractor today to schedule a roof inspection in the New Year.