How To Correctly Replace 3-Tab Shingles Blown Off In The Wind

31 December 2018
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While architectural asphalt shingles are long-lasting and ideal for use on a residential home, the older-style three-tab asphalt shingles used in the past are not so ideal. Three-tab roofing shingles are still present on many older homes, and until they can be replaced with the better architectural option when the roof wears out, they will still need periodic repairs. 

If a strong gust of wind took away a small group of the three-tab shingles at the edge of your roof and you want to repair it, then here's how to do so correctly and safely.

Step 1: Ask a Friend or Family Member to Assist You

It isn't safe to work on your own roof without someone else around to call for help if something goes wrong. If you don't have experience making previous roofing repairs, then ask a friend or relative who is experienced in making repairs of this type. Most DIYers are happy to help and pass along their knowledge while holding your ladder and passing you up tools.

Step 2: Take Your Time and Assess the Damage

Before you start tearing off shingles or trying to put up new tar paper, take some time to assess the shingle damage. Taking the time to evaluate the damage and consider how to best make the repair will save you time and money on most DIY projects. 

Step 3: Remove All of the Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles need to be removed. Even if only one of the three tabs is damaged, the entire shingle must come out. To do so, use a prybar and hammer to remove the nails and lift out the damaged shingles for disposal.

Step 4: Clean the Plywood and Replace the Tar Paper

Once the shingles have been removed, use a dust broom or clean rag to remove any dirt or loose nails from the plywood. This gives you a clean surface to install the new tar paper. 

Overlap a new piece of tar paper over the existing tar paper from under the shingles you removed. Overlapping is essential to prevent future leaks. Nail the tar paper in place using roofing nails.

Step 5: Replace the Damaged Shingles with New Ones

Starting on the bottom row of the roof, place a new shingle on that is lined up with the existing ones and nail it in place. Keep working your way up the roof until the repair is complete.

Finally, if you start this project or decide it is too dangerous for a DIY project after all, then a local roof replacement and repair contractor would find this to be a straightforward repair and it shouldn't be too expensive.