Have An Old Home With A Flat Roof? Find A Contractor And Turn It Into A Truss Roof Today

23 January 2019
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If the area where you live has had some bad winters, and the snow and rain accumulation has been a problem for the flat roof on your home, it may be time to make a change. Talk with the roofing contractors in your area that work with both flat and truss triangle roofs to see if you can make the change from flat to triangle. This may be the best way to help the water and snow run off the roof and stay out of the home. Here are some of the things to ask when you get a quote.

Can the Flat Roof Stay in Place?

If the flat roof is in good condition and doesn't present any concerns, or if there are only minor repairs that are needed, then the roofing contractors may be able to build the truss roof over top of the flat roof. This means that flat roof just acts as the base of the new roof and will provide added protection.

If you did this, ask if you need to have any extra ventilation options added to make sure air doesn't get trapped between the two roofs, and an area to access the bottom of the truss roof may have to be cut into the flat roof. The experts will give you their recommendations and the cost.

What Truss Roof Is Best?

A common option used to shingle your new truss roof will be asphalt shingles, but metal is another option to consider. The metal roofing panels are powder coated and engineered to interlock like a puzzle as they cover the roof, resulting in durability and other benefits including:

  • Impact, fire and wind resistance
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Pest prevention
  • Resistance to fading and weathering

This is a material that won't only be secure and help to protect the home but is also aesthetically appealing. With professional installation and high-quality materials, this upgrade and change will improve the quality of your home and the value.

If you don't want to spend the winter months shoveling snow off your flat roof, or if you worry that the heavy rains, melting snow, and other weather conditions will cause leaks and other problems throughout the home, it's time to make the change and to upgrade the property. Talk with the roofing contractors to find out what the best way is to make the switch from flat to truss and what the cost will be.

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