Call A Roofer If Shingle Pops Affect Your Home

26 March 2019
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Shingle are the skin of a roof and keep it protected from a variety of problems, such as excessive moisture infestation or mold problems. Popped shingles occur from time to time, and need to be fixed right away to avoid issues with your home

Popped Shingles are a Regular Issue

A shingle pop occurs when a nail comes out of a shingle and allows it to rise up from the roof. These shingles typically look like a small wrinkle and are very easy to notice. Typically, changing moisture levels and temperature-related expansions – like during the hot summer months – trigger these changes. As a result, you may not notice them if your roof is covered with snow during the winter.

While a shingle pop may not seem like a big deal on a large roof, these pops can quickly spread over a short period, particularly if the summer is very hot. Unfortunately, a popped shingle may let in a large amount of moisture and other contaminating elements, such as bacteria, mold and much more that can eat away at the shingle.

When this happens, a home will suffer from serious roofing damage that can lead to looks throughout. Thankfully, or home owners can take steps to avoid this problem by calling a high-quality professional roofer right away to get this problem fixed ASAP.

How a Roofer Helps

If several shingle pops – or even one – appears on a roof, homeowners should immediately call a professional roofer to get fixes. Getting the roof repaired before the damage spreads throughout the rest of the home is a smart move and will ensure that mold, bacteria, mildew, and other issues don't infest a home's interior and cause more problems.

For example, mold could spread to areas of the home – such as through the ceiling and attic and into the HVAC system – and get inhaled by residents or visitors. Once this happens, this affected person may suffer from breathing issues, particularly if they have allergies or asthma. You simply cannot take this risk and need to ensure that the roofs are in great shape to prevent it.

So if you own a home and you're worried about this problem, you need to make sure that shingle pops don't affect anybody's health. Call a home roofer, like Golden Spike Roofing , right away to get the help you need keeping these shingles nailed down and keeping a roof sealed from serious water contamination.