Why Your Roof Could Be Changing Color And What To Do About It

8 May 2019
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You probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about your roof, but it's important to take a look at what's going on up there every once in a while so you can catch potential problems before they get worse. One clear sign that you might need help from a roofing contractor is if you notice colors showing up on your roof that should not be there. Here are some of the potential causes of this problem and what you can do about it.

Algae Growth

If you notice streaks of blue, brown, green, or gray showing up on your roof, but you can't clearly tell what it is from ground level, a closer inspection might indicate algae growth on your roof. If you have algae situation that is getting out of control, there are a few methods you can try on your own.

Using a chemical wash will kill the algae where it stands, but keep in mind that it might be hard for you to reach any algae that are underneath the shingles. Hire a roofing contractor and each shingle can be checked for remnants of algae, and you can even have the contractor install brand new shingles that are algae resistant.

Lichen Growth

While algae growth on the roof is the more common culprit, you may also be exposed to lichen depending on where you live. Lichen tends to grow more frequently in especially dry or warm sections of the country, but any home can develop lichen growth during the hot summer months.

Lichen tends to have a gray or green color to it and appears to be more of a clump than algae is. It's also like algae in that you likely won't be able to remove all of it without professional help. Installing flashing fortified with materials like copper can prevent lichen (and algae) from growing back.

Exposed Asphalt

Each roofing shingle is covered in granules that give your roof its specific color or look. Over time, these granules can begin to wear away, allowing the asphalt layer underneath to see the light of day.

If your roof has spots on it that appear to be gray or dark, you likely have an exposed asphalt problem. This issue can arise over time simply due to normal wear and tear over many years but you can make the problem worse by using low-quality shingles to begin with or performing too much power washing. If you have a patchy looking roof with exposed asphalt, contact a contractor about getting those sections of the roof replaced.

Contact a roofing contractor such as Lacey Roofing Company today if your roof is changing color and you don't know why.