Own a Commercial Building? 2 Causes of Roof Repair You Should Be Aware Of

28 May 2019
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If you own a commercial building, then it is important that you provide the proper maintenance to the roof to keep it in good condition. Part of this maintenance is learning causes of roof problems so you can watch out for them. This will allow you to get the roof repaired quickly before further damage happens. To help you, below are two causes of roof repair.

Problems with Flashing

Roof flashing is installed on roofs to prevent moisture from getting onto the roofing materials. The flashing is installed between all joints. If the flashing has problems, such as is damaged, moisture will get through all joints and onto the roof. Over time this can cause extensive damage to your roof, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain.

You will see flashing around the perimeter of the roof, as well as around any type of roof openings, such as roof vents. Flashing is also used around any slops on a roof. Along with flashing drip edges are also used to help water run off the roof and onto the ground.

When looking at the roof flashing look for cracks or warping. Some flashing may be torn away completely. If you notice these things, you need to have the flashing repaired or replaced.

Water Pooling on Roof

If your building has a flat roof, you need to keep an eye out for pooling water on the roof. If water collects on the roof and does not run off like it should, this will cause your roofing materials to deteriorate over time.

To prevent pooling water, there should be a slight slope in the roof. This slope is so slight that you will likely not even notice it. The slope allows the water to run off the roof. If your flat roof does not slope at all, you will need to have the roof replaced and ensure the roofing company installs the roof with the right slope.

You also need to ensure you have gutters installed and that the gutters are in good shape to help control the pooling water once it starts coming off the roof. Your roofing contractor can check the gutters for you to make sure they are in good condition.

Talk to commercial roofing contractors to learn of other causes of roof repair so you can keep your roof in good shape to help you save money.