Remove Moss From Your Company’s Rooftop And Prevent It From Growing Again

5 October 2015
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Moss on your company's rooftop can diminish the building's appearance and damage the shingles. Learn how to safely eliminate moss with the following steps. After you have removed it, install a zinc strip across the top of the roof to prevent moss from growing again. Materials ​ladder water hose hand rake with flexible tines putty knife industrial strength detergent water garden sprayer long-handled scrub brush measuring tape zinc strip roofing nails nail gun Remove The Moss And Clean The Roof Read More 

When A Good Roof Goes Bad: What To Do With A Leaky Cedar Roof

8 July 2015
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Cedar shingles are a beautiful, durable building material, but they are not impervious to the elements. In order to keep your roof functioning properly, you need to make repairs whenever your roof shows signs of damage. If you know what you are doing, you should be able to make repairs to your roof on your own: How to Recognize Damage to a Cedar Shingle Roof Cedar shingles are more likely to split along the grain than across it. Read More 

Roof Ventilation: Don’t Overlook This Potentially Damaging Problem

25 June 2015
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Roof damage doesn't just come from above. While hail, rain infiltration, storm damage, and regular wear from the elements are all well known problems for roofs, fewer people pay attention to how their ventilation might be causing damage. But poor roof and attic ventilation can have some major consequences for your home and roof when hot air and moisture aren't properly vented out. Hot Weather Damage When the temperature outside is high, one of the main consequences you'll see from poor ventilation is that your home heats up uncomfortably. Read More 

Why Vinyl Decking Is So Popular

19 June 2015
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Adding a deck to your back patio or front porch is a great way to make your property more enjoyable and roomy. Many Canadian homeowenrs love the look and feel of hardwood decks. However, most homeowners do not have the time, money, or patience to properly maintain a wooden deck. Given the Canadian climate, maintaining wood can be very inconvenient and time consuming. Luckily, there are many vinyl deck products that look just like real wood decks. Read More 

How To Get 80 Years Out Of Your Metal Roof

15 June 2015
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The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors says you could get from 40 to 80 years of life from your new metal roof. The number of years you'll actually get depends on the weather in your area and some regular maintenance on your part. Working on a metal roof is dangerous and you should have one of the local roofing contractors inspect and repair any problems they find with your roof every year. Read More