Copper Versus Slate Roofing

4 May 2016
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If you are looking for a way to dress up your home, you should consider using a premium roofing material. In many cases, your roof will be highly visible from the ground. Thus, even if the facade of your home is gorgeous, a low-cost roofing material can cheapen the look of your home. Either slate or copper can be used to dress up a home, but in terms of cost-effectiveness, copper is the better choice. Read More 

Warning Signs Of A Collapsing Roof

4 February 2016
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Roof damage can be irritating and expensive. However, the longer you ignore the leaky ceilings and falling shingles, the more costly the repair becomes. Neglected roof damage will eventually lead to a collapse. Prevention and treatment are key to making sure your home stays intact. You can spot and even present a collapse by knowing what warning signs to look for. Outside Snow If the weatherman has announced that a blizzard is coming, your roof may be in danger. Read More 

Three Advantages To Having Your Roof Replaced

12 January 2016
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When the roof on your home loses a shingle during a windstorm, it often makes sense to to fasten a new shingle in its place, especially if the roof is new and otherwise healthy. There comes a point, however, that it's advantageous to think about replacing the roof entirely rather than making frequent repairs—much in the same manner that you might not want to sink a significant amount of money into a vehicle that is old and operates poorly. Read More